Air Conditioning Recharge

Get your aircon back to factory fresh!

Air conditioning, as it’s name suggests, does more than just provide cold air in warm weather. Did you know your car uses more fuel when you open a window than it does when you turn on your air conditioning? Did you know the AC system when working, removes more pollen and pollutants from the air entering the car than a conventional heating system?

From time to time your car’s air conditioning system will require servicing (most manufacturers recommend an AC service every 2 years). If your AC system is not producing cold air, it needs attention.

Over time the refrigerant within the system that creates the chilled air is lost and the efficiency and cooling capacity of the AC system drops or is lost completely. Faulty, damaged and leaking components can also reduce the efficiency of the system.

The service (often referred to as a “regas” or “recharge”) consists of removing and cleaning any refrigerant which remains in the system, checking the system for leaks, then refilling the system with the specified amount of refrigerant and lubricating oil (for the mechanical components).

Finally an ultra-violet dye is added to help the location of any leaks that may develop in the future. We then test the recharged system to make sure it’s operating efficiently.

If you’re experiencing a lack of air flow through the ventilation system, we can also check and replace the cabin/dust & pollen filter.

If the ventilation system has a musty smell, we can apply a cleaning solution which will help to remove the bacteria build up on the inside of the AC/heating/ventilation system and reduce the smell.

Servicing the AC system takes approximately 1 hour so can be done while-you-wait or whenever the car is with us for service or repair.

Whether your car has R134a or the very latest R1234yf refrigerant, here at Revolution VW Specialists we are able to service, diagnose and repair your air conditioning system to ensure it’s working at optimum efficiency giving you the most effective climate control.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to provide a competitive quote.